Flights arrive and depart from 3 Moscow airports:

Domodedovo [DMO] (rus / eng)
Sheremetyevo [SVO] (rus / eng)
Vnukovo [VKO] (rus / eng)

It can take anything between 30 minuutes to 2.5 hours to get from any Moscow airport to the center by car depending on the time of day and day of the week. You can take an express train and get to the center in 50 minutes. Trains arrive / depart from railway stations, located as follows:

Domodedovo – Paveletskaya
Sheremetyevo – Belorusskaya (seasonally to/from Savelovskaya either)
Vnukovo – Kievskaya

Express train timetables are available on airport web-sites. Public transport is much more difficult and not recommended.


When you proceed to the arrivals hall ypu will be approached by lots of private taxi drivers. However, it’s recommended that you arrange your transfer in advance and are met. Average price for getting to/from airport 1500 Rur/trip (~$50). City driving 700 Rur/hour (~$20)

If you are paying by banking card, inform operator of taxi service at the moment of placing the order as not many cars are equipped with card terminal.

Official taxi companies include the following but don’t expect English speaking staff:

New Yellow taxi +7 (495) 940-8888 (rus / eng)
Taxi 956 +7 (495) 956-0888 (rus / eng)
Taxi 749 +7 (495) 991-6173 (rus / eng)


To rent a car you should be 18 y.o. (Avis) and 25 (Hertz). You need to show them your passport, have a valid international driving license and a credit card. You may also rent a car with a driver.

Be sure to take insurance as well.


Over the past few years road traffic has increased enormously causing severe congestion, most street signs are in Russian only, intersection junctions can be complicated and roads frequently have large portholes; for these reasons and for many others, many expats choose to hire drivers. If you do drive,

  • do wear your seatbelt,
  • don’t talk by mobile phone,
  • always keep your daytime running lamps turned on; turn on your headlights in tunnels;
  • don’t drink any alcohol. There is zero tolerance
  • do carry a fire extinguisher, warning triangle and first aid kit in your car
  • keep appropriate car registration documents and your international driving license with you. If you are caught driving without documents your car can be detained and towed to a special parking lot. This involves finding a Road Officer, getting instructions on penalty payment and the directions to where the car is kept (typically on the outskirts of the city)

Always stop when the Road officer (traffic police) asks you to do so. It’s not unusual to be pulled over for a document check.

The general speed limit in Moscow is 60 km/hour unless otherwise allowed by a sign.

If you have an accident, the Road officer will fill out a detailed report. Make sure you get a copy for insurance purposes. You shouldn’t pay traffic fines directly to the officer. He will issue a fine ticket, you will have to go to Sberbank (Russian national bank) office and pay the fine.


Moscow metro is the fastest and easiest type of city public transport. Moreover, it’s well-known all over the world because of beautiful design.

Metro entrances are marked with large ‘M’. You have to buy an access card at the cash desk and current prices are displayed on the cash desk window. The fee is per trip and doesn’t depend on the distance travelled, with the exception of ‘light metro’ (lines M1 and Л1). ‘Light metro’ is paid separately

Access cards are for 1, 2 entries with 5-day period of validity including a day of purchase, and for 10, 20, 60 entries with 45-day period of validity including a day of purchase. The more entries – the cheaper each one.


The Russian currency is Ruble. Other currencies are not in operation, but can be easily exchanged at official exchange bureaus located throughout the city. You may be required to present your passport when you are exchanging money. However, only some exchange offices insist on this. As anywhere else, be aware of your surroundings when changing money and count it before leaving the window.

Exchange rate in exchange bureaus is a few percent over Exchange rate of Central Bank of Russia.

Banknote nominals: 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 Rur


Approximately 60% restaurants and shops accept credit cards. Always ask if credit card is accepted before dining or shopping. As in other major cities, credit card fraud might happen. Therefore, you should always be very careful when handing over your card. Always check your monthly statements!

Wireless payments and cash withdrawals from VISA and MASTERCARD cards are available from most official banks and ATM machines.

AMERICAN EXPRESS is much more rarely accepted. There is an American Express office in the center of Moscow, where you can pay bills with American Express Card, cash or issue traveler’s and personal cheques. There is fee and limit of withdrawal. There is also a 24-hour ATM machine

When using your bank cards in Russia be sure to have informed your bank that you are going to be using their cards here as many banks automatically block cards used in Russia.

We recommend you to keep a copy of your credit/bank card numbers and their emergency phone numbers in a safe place in case your cards are stolen.