An informative introduction to all aspects of Moscow living is tailored to Client’s individual requirements. The purpose of the Orientation program is to give the expatriate an overview of life in a foreign destination. It’s often used as part of the Client’s decision making process.

  • Transportation facilities
  • Expatriate compounds
  • Schooling overview
  • International medical centers
  • Moscow residential areas
  • Housing overview
  • Infrastructure: supermarkets, sport facilities, social life



  • Assistance and guidance on budget adequacy and market availability
  • Recommendation on best areas in terms of budget, proximity to schools and office, etc. Positives and negatives of each property and area
  • Selecting properties complying with the brief and corporate housing guidelines
  • Providing local area information
  • Showing apartments on-site
  • Negotiating favorable lease terms with the Landlord: rent, repairs or improvements, additional furniture, etc.
  • Provision of Legal support: reviewing Landlord’s ownership rights, third party claims to the property, etc.
  • Contract preparation
  • Checking condition of a property and listing all obvious defects in a Property Transfer Certificate.



Assisting a Client gain knowledge of the area at the moment of moving-in and accomplish necessary actions that will touch practical aspects of his life

  • Providing information on the area
  • Internet / Satellite TV set-up and usage
  • Proving Landlord’s obligations under the agreement are fulfilled (repairs, improvements in the property, etc)



You might also require our additional services such as:

  • Accompanying a Client when selecting and purchasing furniture
  • Coordinating delivery and installation of furniture and equipment
  • Negotiating lease conditions for the new term, preparing and signing a Lease extension.
  • Preparing necessary documents for lease termination: Termination letter, Termination agreement, Return Transfer Certificate, etc
  • Moving-out assistance
  • Organizing a damage assessment by independent expert